Become a key opinion leader to promote preventive medicine globally

In 2015, the AHA, ESC, EACPR and ACPM jointly published a policy statement that defined how stakeholders should come together and collaboratively support and create initiatives that would advance preventive medicine. Key stakeholders and their specific roles described in this policy statement are defined in the Table below. As a part of that policy statement, it was recommended that ambassadors from all stakeholders be identified to move preventive medicine initiatives forward

The ESPREVMED Ambassador Program embraces the recommendations of the AHA, ESC, EACPR and ACPM jointly published policy and promotes its use to help the Society fulfill its mission of advancing research, educating health care professionals, creating knowledge and serving society.

ESPREVMED ambassadors from countries around the world will be selected. The ESPREVMED Ambassadors will be called upon to support, promote, and facilitate preventive medicine initiatives within their given country.

If you are interested in becoming an ESPREVMED Ambassador, please contact the society.


Stakeholder Overarching Role(s)
Professional organizations


Advocacy – Championing preventive medicine thought leaders – Dissemination of scientific knowledge and practice guidelines – Professional meetings


Educational systems Providing an appropriate preventive medicine curriculum at all levels of education – Creating a healthy lifestyle environment within the educational setting


Government Creating, supporting and implementing legislation and programs that support preventive medicine initiatives on a population level


Health care organizations Integrating preventive medicine interventions into the medical model as a standard of care


The insurance industry Providing mechanisms for coverage of preventive medicine initiatives


Nonprofit and community organizations Advocacy –   Creating, supporting and implementing preventive medicine initiatives



Media outlets


Disseminating credible preventive medicine information to the lay public


Mobile health and technology companies Bringing technological inventions/advances that support preventive medicine initiatives to market



Creating a preventive medicine environment within the workplace – Offering preventive medicine programming to employees


Food industry Making healthy food choices available – Providing health-conscious nutrition labeling
Health and fitness industry Providing an infrastructure and professionals capable of offering preventive medicine programming to the public


The individual and family unit Consumers of preventive medicine initiatives


Figure 1: Non-hierarchical connectivity model for stakeholder collaboration

ESPREVMED Stakeholder Council